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About Us

Western Skies RV Rental and Sales is the RV and camping enthusiast's dealership when looking to buy or rent a high-quality and affordable RV.

With over 30 years' experience in the RV industry, the opening of Western Skies RV in June, 2014 has made our dream a reality. We look forward to sharing our knowledge about RVs and trip planning with our customers who are people just like us, who desire to have a good time and explore this beautiful country. It doesn't matter whether you’re buying or renting an RV, our goal is to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable and stress free as possible. After all, that's what the RV-ing lifestyle is all about, right? Good times and creating memories as you travel in comfort and style.

We are located in Reno, NV, a prime location for events, and camping activities of all types. We offer affordable options for RV enthusiasts - whether seeking to buy or rent, and can put you in the right RV for your needs. We have rentals available year round so customers can take advantage of the many locations and events that are located within a 200 mile radius of our dealership.

For those unfamiliar with this area of Nevada, there are over 200 lakes within 200 miles in the surrounding Reno area. In addition, we are located less than 200 Miles from Yosemite National Park, The Black Rock Desert and the beautiful Lake Tahoe National Forest, as well as many other fun destinations.

Reno, NV and Lake Tahoe are also hosts to many events throughout the year, such as the Hot Air Balloon Races, Rancho San Rafael's Kite Festival, Tail- Gating at UNR during football season, Burning Man, Hot August Nights, The Air Races and more. Our knowledgeable rental staff can recommend a myriad of fun excursions for any lifestyle. Visit our website often for a list of local events.

We consider ourselves a big family here and we want to make you a part of it. We are not just about selling or renting you an affordable, quality recreational vehicle, we are excited to promote the RV vacation lifestyle. We know that RV travel promotes togetherness and is not only a great mode of transportation for long road trips exploring the country, but for taking romantic weekend trips, tailgating at the local concerts or football games or just weekend exploring. It’s a cost efficient vacation.

We love to hear our customers' camping stories and see photos of their adventures, so if you would like to share your experiences with us, please do!

Here at Western Skies RV, we sell fun! From our family to yours, we encourage you to get out with your loved ones and "Camp S'more"!